Dust Mite
Worker Treating Dust Mite

AMI introduces Hygienitech sanitizing system.

The scientifically proven Hygienitech Mattress Cleaning and Sanitizing process is an all-natural, chemical-free, dry treatment procedure that effectively removes and destroys dust mites, fungal spores, bacteria and other harmful debris found in all mattresses. The machine is a powerful, specially engineered portable cleaning device that extracts the dust mites and other harmful debris that are deeply embedded in your mattresses and upholstered items. The Hygienitech sanitizing system produces high frequency, pulsating waves, incredible suction and a patented high intensity germ killing UV-C germicidal lamp to pulverize and extract dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, harmful organisms and other sediment that accumulates in your mattresses, or any upholstered item in your home.