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Employment Application

All information is treated confidentially

Equal Opportunity Employer

This means that both Companies consider applicants for employment without discrimination because of race, national origin, religion, color, ancestry, age, sex, nor marital, handicap, or veteran status. However, applicants selected for employment will be required to present evidence of their eligibility to work in the United States.Also, prospective employees may be required to (1) Provides satisfactory references, (2) Meet medical qualifications; (3) Must turn in Police clearance AND Court clearance with application.

Please note: Our companies comply with U.S. immigration laws. You will be required to submit verification of our legal right to work in the united states, if offered employment with either AMI or PTSG.

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I hereby voluntarily agree to submit any lawful drug test requested and conducted by the companies, which they may deem, in their sole discretion, to be reasonably necessary to provide their workers with a safe working environment.

I acknowledge that in the course of any employment, and as a prerequisite of such employment with AMI or PTSGI, the company's right to make lawful searches of my work area and my vehicle on company property, and other lawful surveillances activities, in an effort to keep the workplace drug free.

I authorize that results of any drug test be communicated and disclosed to third parties, as consequence of any positive result obtained by said test, I understand that I may not be offered a job with AMI or PTSGI, or may be disciplined leading up to or including immediate discharge if currently employed by AMI or PTSGI.

I hereby indemnify, release and forever discharge and hold AMI or PTSGI, agents and employees harmless from any and all claims, demands, judgements and legal fees arising out of or in connection with such tests, or any lawful use of the results.

I certify that the information given by me in applying for work with the companies is true and correct without omissions of consequence. I understand and agree that (1) false statements or omissions of information made by me in the process of applying for a job constitute sufficient cause for termination of employment, and (2) the company will not be held liable in any respects regarding such termination.

I authorize any company, school, organization or person named by in the job application process to give any information regarding me that is pertinent to my employment. I hereby release such companies, schools, organization and person from all liabilities for damage for issuing this information.

In consideration of my employment, I agree to conform to the policies, procedures and rules of both companies. I also agree that my employment and compensation may be terminated, with or without cause, and without notice. At anytime, at the option of the company or myself.

I further agree, if the need arises, to have my person or personal property searched or examined by a properly designated employee of the companies while on company property or at the location of a company vehicle associated with my work.