In the late 1980's and 1990's, in the midst of Guam's economic boom, five-star hotels rose swiftly along the island's coasts, along with quality business offices, luxury condominiums, and up-scale single and multi-family housing.

These new and remodeled older buildings would require highly skilled maintenance and management specialists for years to come. To fill that need, Advance Management, Inc. (AMI) was established on April 23, 1990.

As an integrated management facility, we deliver the best value to our clients for the services we provide. The root of that value is twofold: it lies in our extensive experience and familiarity with Special Concerns and Situations, and in the efficient handling of our customers' day-to-day needs.

Advance Management Inc. has provided maintenance services to an enormous range of clients for over 20 years. Both the scope of services we have provided and the decades of experience we have obtained have given us an unrivaled edge in the integrated management industry.

In our maintenance partnerships with banks, we've become familiar with their unique security concerns; we've gained privileged expertise of critical sanitation and health issues in our partnerships with medical facilities. Early in our company's history, our proved competence on passenger comfort issues at the Guam International Airport fueled AMI's growth, leading us to expand into sophisticated maintenance for hotels and tourist sites around the island. We've mastered the treatment of imported and exotic stone and wood materials, including delicate marble, granite, Corian, Avonite, and other stone and faux stone surfacing. We provide personnel who are particularly sensitive to the demands of each individual location, and our clients can feel confident that we understand the special nature of all of the sites we maintain.

We attribute the efficiency and quality of our day-to-day service to our dedicated staff and our service personnel training center, which we developed to ensure the consistency and reliability of our services. We've tailored our operations and management practices to reinforce our goal of total customer care, providing not just a depth of expertise but a breadth of maintenance solutions at competitive rates. From air conditioning to grounds maintenance, we can provide care for any aspect of your property.