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David C. Borja was awarded the Nina'en Matåo on February 20, 2014, for his reliability, dependability and hard work since his employment with AMI’s Department of Defense Educational Activity (DODEA) Custodial Services Contract since March 2011.


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On today’s "Mondays with Monty" ... Gaudencia Palomo-Burns, LSW, medical foster home program social worker from the Guam Community Based Outpatient Care Clinic of the Veterans Administration.



Technical Services: Service Today done the expert way.


HVAC: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

From large facilities to cozy homes, AMI is experienced in handling a wide range of HVAC installation and repair needs. We work closely with you to ensure that your surroundings are comfortable, and that they remain comfortable throughout the year.

We provide service, installation and maintenance for HVAC systems. In diagnosing and troubleshooting your system, we use only the highest quality parts and equipment, prolonging your system's longevity.

Regular maintenance and service of your air conditioning or heating systems will help you avoid costly repairs, and ensure that your equipment lasts. Preventative maintenance will also keep your system operating continuously, so that you can always count on a pleasant environment in your home or business.

At AMI, we offer professional HVAC maintenance through our annual maintenance agreement, designed to meet the specific needs of our residential and commercial clients.

Every year, as an AMI client with an annual AC maintenance agreement, you receive:

  • A precision tune-up
  • A safety check
  • Professional cleaning and rejuvenation of your air conditioning system.

Under our maintenance agreement, we provide you with service that fulfills--and often surpasses--requirements under your standard and extended manufacturer warranties. We also incorporate Department of Energy recommendations into our maintenance, as we bring the temperature control system in your home or business to optimum efficiency.