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David C. Borja was awarded the Nina'en Matåo on February 20, 2014, for his reliability, dependability and hard work since his employment with AMI’s Department of Defense Educational Activity (DODEA) Custodial Services Contract since March 2011.


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On today’s "Mondays with Monty" ... Gaudencia Palomo-Burns, LSW, medical foster home program social worker from the Guam Community Based Outpatient Care Clinic of the Veterans Administration.



Technical Services: Service Today done the expert way.


Whether you want to preserve your existing woodwork or redesign your space, AMI can provide you with carpentry services that fit your needs.

At AMI, we understand the investment you've made in high quality wood furnishings and fixtures. With our long experience in working with fine hardwoods and softwoods, we can provide you with the best in maintenance and repair.

Our finish carpenters, experts in the repair and restoration of fine wood furniture and architectural moldings, can keep your facility as sharp as the day it opened for business. By removing scratches, stains, or other damage, our carpenters leave your furniture looking brand-new, without the full cost of replacement.

For new commercial and residential construction and renovation, AMI can provide you with services at any stage of your project.

Some of the carpentry construction services available to you from AMI:

  • Building Wooden Concrete Forms
  • Building Custom Scaffolding
  • Drywall Installation and Repair
  • Acoustic Ceiling Installation and Repair
  • Wooden Interior Stairs: Installation and Repair
  • Installation of Doors and Windows
  • Installation of Cabinetry, Shelving, Trim
  • Installation of Exterior Trim and Molding

To further customize your space, our carpenters can build cabinetry, shelves, doors, and trim to your specifications. It's just one more way that we provide our clients with total customer care.