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David C. Borja was awarded the Nina'en Matåo on February 20, 2014, for his reliability, dependability and hard work since his employment with AMI’s Department of Defense Educational Activity (DODEA) Custodial Services Contract since March 2011.


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On today’s "Mondays with Monty" ... Gaudencia Palomo-Burns, LSW, medical foster home program social worker from the Guam Community Based Outpatient Care Clinic of the Veterans Administration.



Technical Services

Car Wash Systems

AMI engineers and technicians can keep your car wash system in top condition, so that you never need to worry about interruptions in service.

We service automatic in-bay car wash systems, tunnel car wash systems, truck wash systems, and stand-alone car polishers and car driers. The best care for complex equipment is always preventative care, and at AMI we can provide you with a maintenance agreement that ensures that your fleet of vehicles will always be ready for deployment. Scheduled checkups will prevent expensive damage to vehicles from loose or worn parts, and will keep your system performing at its most effective capacity.

Our maintenance engineers provide professional, reliable service, and we keep a stock of parts and equipment on hand to save you valuable time during repairs.

If your current system needs a replacement or upgrade, we can help you find the best car wash equipment for your facility space, car volume, and budget. At AMI we are committed to keeping pace with new developments in the industry, and with the newest technology on the market, we can find you a system that can save you on water and energy costs far into the future.