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David C. Borja was awarded the Nina'en Matåo on February 20, 2014, for his reliability, dependability and hard work since his employment with AMI’s Department of Defense Educational Activity (DODEA) Custodial Services Contract since March 2011.


In the Community


On today’s "Mondays with Monty" ... Gaudencia Palomo-Burns, LSW, medical foster home program social worker from the Guam Community Based Outpatient Care Clinic of the Veterans Administration.



General Services

Carpet Cleaning

Long the island leader in the area of carpets maintained, we have made the investments necessary to provide truly state-of-the-industry services to our clients. We use some of the finest equipment available to the industry, including:

  • XYZ truck mounted high temperature extractors
  • Powr–Flite box extractors with heaters, for efficient work in high rises and hard to access areas
  • Portable spotters for our site based teams to provide instant reaction to spills
  • RX-20 Rotary surface tools for the best carpet agitation and removal of soils

Naturally, we have supported our careful tool selection by providing our staff with effective and continuous training in all aspects of carpet care, from carpet identification to chemical selection and use. Our well trained staff have an effective range of products available, and knowledge to use them to obtain superior results.